ISLAMABAD (AFP/Reuters) - At least 38 militants were killed in fierce clashes in Swat valley and the tribal region of South Waziristan, the military said Saturday as troops continued an offensive against the Taliban. The military said 32 insurgents were killed when armed forces retaliated after militants blocked a road between the towns of Tanai and Sarwaki in South Waziristan. During last 24 hours, 38 militants were killed in Malakand and South Waziristan, while six soldiers including an officer embraced shahadat (martyrdom), it said in a statement. The death tolls provided could not be verified independently. Thirty-two terrorists were killed in Sarwakai town (in South Waziristan) in a retaliatory fire by security forces during a road clearance operation, the statement said. After securing much of the scenic Swat Valley in the past month, the military plans to extend its offensive with operations in South Waziristan against the main stronghold of Taliban leader Baitullah Mehsud, a key al Qaeda ally. A full-scale offensive has not yet begun in South Waziristan but fighter jets have been softening up targets for the past several days. Our jet fighters bombed and destroyed two militant hideouts in Maula Khan Sarai, a security official in the region said, referring to a militant-held area east of South Waziristans main town of Wana. Warplanes Friday hit targets in South Waziristan, apparently in preparation for a full-scale military onslaught into the hostile peaks to track down and eliminate Mehsud and his network. More than 30 militants were killed in attacks in South Waziristan villages of Barwand, Sarwaki and Kundsari, said security officials who asked not be identified. Six other militants were killed in an exchange of fire with security forces, in Swat valley, the military said. Troops are near the end of the offensive, launched in late April, in the Swat valley and surrounding areas. More than 1,500 militants and 134 soldiers have been killed in military operations. PPI adds: During last 24 hours, in the operation Rah-e-Raast 38 terrorists were killed and six were apprehended while six soldiers including an officer embraced shahadat. While 17 soldiers including a junior commissioned officer were injured in Malakand and South Waziristan agency. According to ISPR, security forces successfully secured Kotlai and Chungai areas in Swat and extended operation to Dagai. During exchange of fire with terrorists a security personnel was injured. Terrorists ambushed security forces vehicle at Udigram Akhun Kalle road. As a result, three soldiers embraced shahadat and 7 others were injured. Terrorists attacked Shahd, Banda, Devolai and Totan Banda areas, resultantly three soldiers were injured and six terrorists were killed in exchange of fire with security forces. Security forces carried out search operation around Peochar. During trade of fire with terrorists, three terrorists including brother of a local terrorists commander, Yousaf, was apprehended. A complex of four tunnels was also destroyed. Security forces cleared villages Babu (2 km north of Biladram), Shakardarra, while three terrorists were apprehended and three IEDs were also neutralised. Clearance operation by security forces progressing well at Sakhara, Kharakai, Wanai and Lilbant. In Dir, local elders Jirgas held a meeting with forces on security situation of the area and expressed their support for government and security forces. In Bajaur, security forces cleared area around village Asghar. Forces were ambushed at Hilal Khel and during heavy exchange of fire with terrorists an officer, Major Afzal, and one soldier embraced shahadat and six soldiers were injured. In South Waziristan Agency, terrorists have blocked the road between Tanai to Sarwaki. Road opening and road clearance operations were being conducted from Tanai to Sarwaki. Thirty-two terrorists were killed in Sarwaki in retaliatory fire by security forces. About restoration of services at Mingora, all the roads in Mingora city and Takhtab and bypass have been repaired for two-way traffic by army engineers. Damage was caused to roads by terrorists. Malakand-Mingora road has been repaired. Sui gas repair work in city and surrounding villages has been completed except Kabal and Rahimabad. Around 500 lines of PTCL exchange were fully functional. Monitoring Desk adds: Meanwhile, according to an American news agency ground troops have moved into Taliban-controlled areas and engaged in the first gunbattle of a new offensive in South Waziristan, as an aerial and artillery bombardment pounded other targets. Officials said action did not represent the start of a full-scale operation, but that most troops were now in place for when the orders came. Meanwhile, Pakistan could wrap up the main phase of its anti-Taliban offensive in the Swat Valley within 10 days, a senior commander said Saturday. Maj-Gen Sajjad Ghani, the commander of some 20,000 troops in the northern part of Swat where the areas top Taliban leader was based, told an American news agency that some of the final strongholds were being cleared and that 'high-intensity operations would end in a week to 10 days. But stragglers could be expected to keep launching attacks on troops for some time, he said. This area is the centre of gravity for the terrorists, Ghani said. As of now, there are only pockets of resistance left. The terrorists are on the run. Command and control is in disarray. They are unable to organise an integrated response to the army, he said. Ghani said 95 percent of the 3,860-square mile area under his control has been cleared of militants and most resistance now is coming in Biha, a short valley that backs into snow-covered mountains that are limiting the Talibans efforts to flee. He said about 400 militants have been killed in the area during the six weeks of fighting, but that many top commanders have managed to escape, including Fazlullah, and some were possibly headed toward havens in Afghanistan or South Waziristan.