A speaker on a news channel on June 17 ended his spiel with the declaration that Kalabagh dam was already a 'dead issue'. How is it a 'dead issue'? The people of this country are still deprived of water and energy. The world has seen the miserable plight of our poor people who are daily shown wailing on the electronic media and have been doing so for the last many years. The tourists dare not come to our beautiful hills for the fear of having to comfort in hotels rendered dysfunctional by continuous load-shedding. The WAPDA minister keeps begging every day for more time to meet the shortage of power, to great chagrin of the public. In order to have cheap and enough electricity to keep pace with the growth of the population, a hydro-electric generation source is our only hope. And the small dams would not provide the energy we need, the rental power we are unable to afford because this, after all, is a poor nation. How is Kalabagh dam a dead issue? Yes, there is this hitch that they say we cannot go for a big dam because the three small provinces are not ready. Why doesn't our wise leadership at the top comprehend that we need a big dam now and not any time later, not because we need to appease these three small provinces and their obstinate assemblies but because we need to survive as a country. Please do not make it a political issue; it is an issue that concerns the future of Pakistan. God has blessed us with the ideal site for it too. Why do we have to waste it all on the altar ego of smaller provinces? -A.Q ANJUM, Rawalpindi, June 19