Peoples elected representatives were expected to play leading role in taking all decisions from the grassroots to the top level after democracy returned to the country. However, a close look at how administration has been run, gives us the impression that it is bureaucracy that is calling the shots and not the elected representatives. Its biggest proof is the making of Sindh budget which one of the legislator of the ruling PPP described as a budget by bureaucrats and for bureaucrats. His was not the only lone voice in highlighting how bureaucracy is dominating into day-to-day affairs of government. A number of legislators of the PPP and even the so-called opposition in their speeches given during the last six says while discussing 2010-11 Sindh budget have spoken how bureaucracy is ruling the roost. During the last budget, all non-development budgetary allocation which includes pay and perks of the bureaucrats was totally utilised but the allocation for the ADP involving development schemes meant for the welfare of the people remained under utilised. Out of the total outlay of Rs75 billion in the ADP only 25 per cent was spent and the remaining amount was allowed to lapse only because the bureaucrats saw that the pace of development work remain slow which resulted in the lapse of huge funds on development. Only the people and the peoples representatives who were voted into power to serve the masses were the main sufferers. The current budget is allegedly written by a handful of elite bureaucrats who are either have blood relations or close relations with the high-ups in Islam-abad or in Karachi. These bureaucrats were so strong and powerful that they did not bother to incorporate suggestions and recommendations of the elected representatives in the budget. They only allocated funds to 5 or 6 districts of the province which mattered because these districts belonged to the high-ups. And when the high-ups are happy, the bureaucrats feel safe and secure because they know that other do not matter. The attitude of the bureaucrats was so arrogant that they did not even provide copies of the budget to the legislators who are custodian of peoples power. Some of the legislators who wanted to highlight their opinion during budget discussion could not prepare themselves well in the absence of budget copies. Only the selected and blue-eyed media was provided with the copies of the budget books and a large number of media personnel could not lay their hands on the document. Bureaucracys dominance was so pronounced and strong in the budget-making that it did not mention 22 development schemes in the ADP document which is not a technical but a criminal negligence. Ghulam Qadir Chandio of PPP brought this fact to the notice of the assembly which was shell-shocked. The member from Benazirabad was told that bureaucrats of Planning and Development were responsible for the missing of these schemes. This confirmed the suspicions of the legislators about the powerful lobby of bureaucrats who were behind the preparation of budget. Carrier bureaucrats know all the tricks how to mislead the elected representatives including ministers and to show them the path to corruption. A corrupt parliamentarian is always a good friend of bureaucrat who gives him the areas where he can work comfortable to make a fast buck. The government is talking about good governance and had promulgated a number of ordinances to stop land grabbing but according to reports in a section of the media a few ministers and legislators were allegedly involved in land grabbing.