LAHORE - Twice Quisling and equally N-Leaguer Shaikh Alauddin, like he has never been given free run by the Opposition at the Punjab Assembly, again on Sunday has to face the wrath of the opponents since he lashed out at Qs female MPA when he uttered personal comments against her. As a backlog of Saturday when the Shaikh was not allowed to go beyond his stipulated time, and the Opposition objected to it, on Sunday when he stood up to speak on the budget again, the Opposition members, especially Samina Khawar Hayyat, objected to it and started speaking at the loudest of their voices. Like some previous personal score to settle with the lady MPA from the same district Kasur, the Shaikh harshly retorted to this. The situation deteriorated when the Sheikh passed some adverse remarks against Samina, while the latter tried to obstruct Sheikh from speaking and have Chairs permission for this. At that time, Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif was sitting in the House. However, the Shaikh angry replied, and asked the Speaker to make the lady go quiet or otherwise he would reveal her secrets. However, when 'Lota shouting for the Shaikh did not stop, his temper boiled, and thus went the wise-man: Mr Speaker I want to tell you her reality. She flaunts her Rs 40million car, and tries to cause inferiority complex among her female colleagues. Now let me tell how did she become rich? During the 1990s, her father Muhammad Hayyat got huge favours from the Sharifs, and she is rich today because of that. During this, Shahbaz Sharif - in his typical style of pointing finger - asked the Shaikh to go quiet, but the latter did not, and kept on speaking in his usual harsh tone. Simultaneously, Oppositions Seemal Kamran, Khadija Omer and Samina herself kept shouting at the Shaikh, and there was no order in the House. The Speaker was not left with any choice except to get the mikes switched off, and he gave the floor to another member, which settled the matter for some time. Later, Seemal Kamran came to the House and on a point of order said the television channels were telecasting the news, and tickers were being run across screens. She condemned Sheikhs remarks and announced to boycott the session besides moving a joint privilege motion against him. However, Law Minister Rana Sana Ullah Khan intervened to cool down the temper and urged the members to refrain from character assassination of their colleagues in the House. He suggested the Chair to form a committee to look into matter, while hinting at the suspension of any member for such an attitude for either for three, five or seven day or for whole session. The Shaikh, in an effort to show large-heartedness, said if found guilty, he was ready to face punishment. If I have stopped labelling them as tissue papers, they must stop my stigmatisation by calling me Lota (turncoat), he demanded. Deputy Speaker Rana Mashhood Ahmed Khan constituted a committee comprising the Speaker, Deputy Speaker, Law Minister and the Opposition Leader, and one member each from both sides of the aisle in consultation with the Opposition Leader and Law Minister respectively. However, Rana Sana proposed that Senior Minister Raja Riaz Ahmed or Finance Minister Tanvir Ashraf Kaira may be included in the committee to sort out the matter. The Opposition took back their decision of boycotting the session after assurance by the house and formation of the committee.