LAHORE - A greater revolution through the ballot is imminent in the next general elections, which will be larger than the revolution of 1970, predicts PTI Chief, Imran Khan. He expressed these views while addressing various public meetings in connection with PP-160 by-polls on Sunday. He said Pervez Musharraf should comeback to country in order to ascertain his popularity among the masses. He said political parties sitting in the Parliament had tried to deprive the judiciary of their rights through 18th Amendment and he however urged the parties to avoid confrontation with the judiciary. He demanded that a free election commission should be established in line with the Indian election commission for holding the next general elections. PTI chief also demanded that all the politicians should made public their assets whether they were in the country or outside the country and non-bailable warrants should be issued if any of the politicians found involved in making these assets by looting the public money. He said all previous records of suicide incidents have been broken during the last two years, while the rulers living in the palaces of Islamabad and Raiwind were enjoying their lives on the money of the poor people. Imran alleged that PML-N was a friendly opposition and Nawaz Sharif by supporting the corrupt system pushing the country into new crises and the nation was compelled to become slaves of the Americans.