KARACHI (PPI) - Instead of weeping crocodile tears at the grave of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto, the rulers should expose her killers and take them to the task, said Sindh National Front (SNF) Chief Mumtaz Ali Bhutto here on Sunday. He said the birthday anniversary of Benazir Bhutto has provided the rulers another chance to shed some crocodile tears in Ghari Khuda Bux graveyard, but now they cannot befool the people anymore, as the masses have fully recognized their real face. He said that had the rulers not deployed thousands of cops and rangers in and around the Ghari Khuda Bux graveyard and created a curfew like security there, the enraged people would have chased them out of the area. Mumtaz Bhutto said the present regime had befooled people by getting their vote in the name of roti, kapra and makan and now they have to face the wrath of these betrayed masses. He said the ever-changing drama and farces of rulers are increasing hatred for them in the hearts of people. He said the failed rulers have nowhere to hide and they must face and anger of poor and deprived masses. He asked the people to recognize themselves the real killers of Benazir Bhutto, and support the parties that are sincere to solve their problems.