KHYBER AGENCY At least five persons were killed when armed persons entered a house and opened indiscriminate firing on the family members on Sunday. Sources in Khasadar Forces of Khyber Agency said the killed persons had some enmity in Peshawar and they, after killing some persons, had taken refuge in Jamrud. The enemy took advantage of presence of their enemies in their house and attacked them with AK-47 riffle resulting in death of five persons. Khasadar force registered the case and started investigation. Meanwhile, a women and his daughter-in-law were killed by unknown armed persons in Chamkani area of Peshawar on Sunday. Police sources said that bodies of the deceased persons were recovered outside their house. They were identified as Delshad and his daughter-in-law Falak Niaz. Registering a case with police, husband of Falak Niaz said that his wife and mother had been missing for the last two days and later police recovered their bodies from outside their house.