In our society, a lot of people do not trust the science of Homoeopathy. In their opinion, it is just 'tukka-bazi'. I have something to say about Homeopathy too, a personal experience with the alternative medicine that didn't turn out to be too good. Here it goes. For a long time, I could not find any allopathic remedy for a persistent skin problem. The hype surrounding homeopathic treatment lured me to it and I was swayed by a promotional gimmick to try it. After a year's treatment, I was advised to continue but even after completing four years of treatment, my skin problem remained as it was and I lost nearly Rs. 32,000 in the bargain. I express dissatisfaction with it with full consciousness that even the allopathic treatment and its practitioners are losing public confidence because most of these allopathic doctors believe in business rather than cure, or satisfaction of their patients. It is a pity that the noble profession of medicine has been so thoroughly corrupted in Pakistan--just like very thing else. -ALLAH BUKHSH NAGORI, Hyderabad, June 19