It was a pretty intense week, which ended badly, because entire families committed suicide, as they were not willing to wait for the Budget to work its magic, and turn their poverty into prosperity. First there was a rickshaw driver in Chung who killed off all his family along with himself. Then was the potato vendor near Ayesha Degree College in the Ravi Road area, who hanged himself from an electric fan. These people didnt just commit suicide because of poverty, but because of lack of hope at ever being able to escape from it. Politicians cant even do what they do best, which is to give hope. These were responsible people who committed suicide, not the dregs of society. The rickshaw driver was the father of a family, the potato vendor, while not married, supported his siblings. Suicide sounds easy, but is made very hard by the survival instinct present in all living beings. And religion forbids it very strongly, because it forbids despair, which is what suicide usually means. And such grief over the economy harks back to Mian Nawaz Sharifs second Prime Ministership almost 15 years ago, when a spate of suicides rocked the consciences of the nation. However, though the nation was rocked then, this time around, the leaders continue to tool around in convoys guaranteed to give them eternal life. And woe betide the ordinary motorist who gets caught up in any VIP movement. And now that there is a Budget session on, there will be more VIP movements in this city. The VIP is escorted by the Elite Force, which was raised for entirely different reasons, and because of this, treat any motorist passing near as someone who must be brought off the road. That is not all. Anyone seeing one of these convoys careening around town could predict that they are accidents waiting to happen. And you know what? Accidents have happened, but the accompanying Elite Force has threatened the other driver, who has just gone through the trauma of an accident, with the registration of a case against them, on terrorism charges, for making an attempt on the life of the VIP being escorted. That is the use of the War on Terror made by the local police, whatever use is being made by the USA. It isnt just the economic pressure that is driving people to suicide, but also the despair engendered by rulers tooling around under heavy escorts, and escorts which force them off the roads and threaten them with terrorism charges. However, some policemen at Civil Lines Police Station pointed the way the police will go, and it isnt about behaving like the Bhowana police. Some policemen, probably out of sheer boredom, fired in the air at Civil Lines Police Station Though the new CCPO, Aslam Tarin, took some time out from enjoying the eternal life he has been guaranteed ex officio, and took action against them, including suspension, little realizing that they are the future. Remember, one of the signs of a nations having progress are random killings, as have happened in the UK, after having become almost a commonplace even in the USA, which invented them along with so many other things counted as characteristic of a modern state, like democracy, Mom and apple pie. But in this part of the world, possession of firearms has been limited, by the British Raj, unlike the USA, where the right to a gun is written into their Constitution. A maniacal slaughter would thus be limited to those with access to arms. Like cops. Who have been so brutalized that Bhowana and Faisalabad do not represent violations of citizens rights, but good police work. And it is only after at least one such act of slaughter is carried out that we would be able to hold our heads high in the comity of nations. The way in which our entire cricket team worked for the cause of peace should make us proud, and we should all be reassured that the policies formulated under Musharraf continue even today, and that includes a decision to lose against India at everything until we achieve peace with them. That loss was not just a loss against India, but also ensured that the Asia Cup final would not involve Pakistan, just as much as the World Cup will not involve Pakistan as one of the hosts. In fact, we are lucky enough to be playing. Who knows? Maybe terrorists will move around in the guise of Pakistani fans. However, if they move around in India loaded with bombs, that will not be our problem, will it? It will not just be far, far away from Lahore, but in India, and not in summer, but winter. So the terrorists wont be sweltering when they die. If, of course, that matters. But if there are more Budgets like this, then there will be so many volunteers that the CCPOs guarantee of eternal life might not be possible to fulfill.