LAHORE - Rabita Aalam-i-Islami, The Muslim World League (MWL) has embarked on a series of dialogues with other faiths and cultures in many parts of the Europe. This has indeed given a positive impression about Islam and helped to clear out a lot of misunderstandings about Islam and Muslims, the WML local sources said. In this connection international dialogue between Islam and Eastern religions was held in New Delhi, which was attended by leaders and scholars of different religions. It was the first initiative of its kind which was jointly organised by major Indian Muslim organizations and it was hailed by non-Muslim organizations and eminent scholars. The organizers of the event hoped that such events would lead to a better understanding and co-existence between the followers of different religions in Asia and particularly in the Sub-Continent. Believers in oriental religions living in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, China, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Burma, Sri Lanka and Nepal etc, constitute about a half of the world population. A majority of Muslims outside Muslim countries live among these communities while a majority of expatriate workers in Arab and Muslim countries belong to these religions. The issues that were discussed at the conference were basics of dialogue between Islam and other religions. Hence, apart from efforts to promote peace among the believers of various religions, steps were also taken to bring harmony among Muslim organizations, which differ on fiqha (jurisprudence), by gathering at one platform thinkers, scholars, human rights activists and academics as Allah says; The believers are but a single brotherhood. In early this year a Forum for Intellectual Dialogue had conducted its first official programme of intra-faith dialogue. The meeting highlighted the concept of Islamic unity as described by the Quran. Secondly, it probed Islamic unity in history and thirdly the significance of unity in protecting identity, confronting challenges and unifying religious edicts. It also underlined the responsibilities of governments, scholars and Islamic organisations in fostering unity. The meeting also dealt with the obstacles facing Islamic unity and ways to overcome them. Fifthly, the participants discussed practical programmes to achieve unity. All races are equal in Islam; black, white, yellow, red, or any combination of that. For the sake of Muslim unity, all sects are acceptable and equal and we should learn to tolerate each other, different sects are just different flavors of the same principle, the MWL urged All the major Muslim youth organizations and sects participated in the dialogue. This may be for the first time that such collective enclave occurred. This should be continued for the smooth running of Muslims daily life. Islam is a religion of moderation and tolerance, a message that calls for constructive dialogue among followers of different religions, a message that promises to open a new chapter for humanity in which, God willing, concord will replace conflict. Muslims all over the world are bound together. This unity is the means of strength for the Muslim Ummah. In fact, its a divine gift. In reaction to the present sorrowful state of the Muslim Ummah, it is very important for Muslims to stand together and be united. We should live together as a group respecting and caring for each other. Allah gave us our lives so that we can help one another and not to live just for ourselves. With unity, the Muslim Ummah will have a say in the world affairs and most importantly, Muslims will cease to be an easy prey to their enemies, as is the case nowadays. Results Punjab University Examinations Department has announced the results of MPhil Library & Information Science (Semester System), Session 2006-2008, BS Botany (Semester System), Session 2001-2003, MSc Biotechnology (Semester System), Session 2006-2007, MSc Zoology (2-Years Replica Programme), Semester System, Session 2007-2009 and BS Biochemistry (4-Years), Semester System, Session 2001-2005.