LAHORE - The Central Shoora of the Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) while rejecting the anti-people federal budget, has demanded of the government to levy direct taxes on the affluent classes and cut the indirect taxes besides abolition of different taxes collected through utility bills. The JI Central Shoora, which met on Sunday with the JI Chief Syed Munawar Hasan in the chair, through another resolution, called for a hundred per cent raise in the government servants salaries in view of the price spiral and fixation of minimum wages at rupees 10,000. The JI central body also opposed conversion of direct taxes into withholding tax and stressed that POL shouldnt be used as a tool for revenue collection. The Shoora proposed 20 percent cut in prices of essential items and freezing it for three years, 30 percent cut in administrative and non-development budget along with a reasonable increase in the development budget. It further suggested to abolish the rental power projects and prompt payments to the IPPs to overcome energy shortage besides an effective check on power theft. The JI Shoora proposed promotion of agro-based industry to overcome unemployment. The JI Shoora said it believed the countrys economy could not be put on right track with the interest-based banking system and the present IMF hold. Through another resolution, the Shoora slated the governments Kashmir stance terming it a continuation of Pervez Musharrafs policy. It noted that under the cover of meaningless talks, India had stepped up the killing of innocent Kashmiris, the molestation of Kashmiri women and abductions. Indian troops were unlawfully occupying Kashmiris land and properties in a planned manner on the pretext of military requirements. The Shoora called upon the government to abandon Pervez Musharrafs Kashmir policy and raise the issue at all international fora in the light of the UN resolutions with full force in to win Kashmiris support.