By excusing Rehman Malik from the penalties imposed on him by the NAB court in a clear-cut theft case, President Zardari has proved that the current democratic system is inherently corrupt, unjust and, thus, an un-Islamic system. The right of legislation which democracy gives to the elected parliamentarians is the source of all corruption. This right of legislation enables the elected representatives of the people to make laws as they deem fit for advancement of their own personal and party interests. A clear example of this is the clemency powers of the President under article 45, and in the same way, the judicial immunity enjoyed by the President under article 248 of the constitution. That is as bad as Nawaz Sharif and his party backing the 18th amendment to wave off the ban on his becoming PM for the third time. The point here is that it is not only the politicians who are corrupt but also the democratic system which enables them to do this corruption and get away with it. So for the betterment of the people living in this country we need to get rid of both rulers as well as this system. It is the Islamic system of Khilafah which is the true alternative to this corrupt democratic system. In Khilafah, the Caliph is obliged to draw all laws and jurisprudence from divine sources of Islam instead of any humans being allowed to make laws. The Caliph is elected by the people and accountable before any court of law just like any other citizen, unlike this corrupt system. The history is full of such examples when the Caliphs were brought before the courts and penalized for the mistakes they had made. The need of the hour is to alort this corrupt democratic system too and implement Khilafah in its true essence. -ENGR. MUHAMMAD SAAD KHAN, Islamabad