ISLAMABAD In a landmark development, over 50 FM radio stations from across the country have established a formal peace community on air and pledged to use the airwaves for peace, development and social empowerment of the communities. The establishment of The Radio Partnership for Peace, the first of its kind in Asia, was announced by the largest summit of the FM radio stations in Pakistans history held here. In the first phase, the Radio Partnership for Peace will include 60 FM radio stations, 51 out of them were represented by their senior management at the summit, and in the coming months will be joined by all the 130 FM stations currently on air in Pakistan. The First National Summit of FM Radio Stations in Pakistan included independent radio stations, government-run FM stations, university campus stations and other community stations such as the FM stations run by the Islamabad Traffic Police. The summit was conducted by Intermedia, an independent Pakistani media support organisation specialising in advocacy, research and training on media issues. Stations from all regions of Pakistan attended the historic summit included Balochistan, Federally Administered Tribal Areas, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab, Sindh and the Federal Capital. This was the first time that stations from all regions of the country had gathered together in one place to share their rich experiences and to develop ideas to improve professional standards of the burgeoning sector. In a joint declaration adopted by the summit, over 50 FM radio stations pledged, We the FM Radio Stations in Pakistan emphasise that we have a key role to play in the development of Pakistan by promoting peace in the local communities. The summit discussed at length the positive role of the FM radio in community service across Pakistan in recent years and discussed various ways to strengthen this role and raise the profile nationally and internationally of this still largely undocumented positive phenomenon. The summit also formally launched the project Radio For Peace Building, which is supported by Search For Common Ground (SFCG) and will be implemented by Intermedia and Uks Research Centre. Under the project, among other things, a web will be established to showcase the richness and diversity of the FM radio sector in Pakistan to principally serve as a platform to share the success stories, various radio programmes, ideas and various developments in the sector.