ISLAMABAD Pakistan is negotiating a multi-million dollars project with the US and the UK to help Islamabad in tackling the growing menace of extremism in the country, official sources informed TheNation on Sunday. The proposed project would be for five years and other developed nations might follow the US and UK that would expand the size and scope of the project. The proposed project aims at minimising growing extremist tendencies amongst Pakistani youth by educating them through tailor-made entertainment packages including music shows, arts and theatre activities. The project also includes set of reforms to be introduced in the curriculum for studies at school, college and university levels, the sources said, adding that it would be a multifaceted programme. The sources further said that the proposed project was being discussed with the US and UK governments, adding the UK government had agreed to contribute about 30 million US dollars. The sources were of the view that the programme was basically part of the counterterrorism strategy of those nations that were engaged in the ongoing war against terrorism. According to the informed sources, a senior official will leave Islamabad on Monday for London to discuss details of the project.