RAWALPINDI All the sewerage lines plummeting in Nullah Lai and the Nullah itself are choked due to solid waste and polythene bags which could result in devastating flash floods in the city during upcoming rainy season. The authorities concerned are doing nothing except setting up flood centres and putting the civic departments on alert PML-Q city President Raja Rashid Hafiz said this while addressing a meeting of Q-League workers at his office at Saidpur Road here on Sunday. He said that all drainage lines of the city gave a look of heap of garbage and they were crammed with solid waste and plastic shopper bags enough to block the passage of rainy water which would cause a worst flooding in the city. He said de-silting of all these channels was a dire need to avoid a situation like that occurred in July 2001 which played havoc with the lives and property of the citizens. Raja said that the authorities concerned hardly managed to depute some staff for the purpose but they did not take much interest in the work and did nothing except mere paper work. After taking waste material from the sewerage lines, the staff concerned dumps it along the roads and banks which will again fall in the nullahs and all practice will go in go waste, he criticised. PML-Q city President said that city district government, in its meeting held a couple of weeks back, had declared 30 to 40 localities dangerous and suggested measures to make them safe against the expected flood. These localities included Nadeem Colony, Ziaul Haq Colony, Javid Colony, Muslim Colony, Usmanpura, Nayya Mohallah, Dhoke Charaghdin, Mukha Singh Estate, Satellite Town, Muslim Town, Sadiqabad, Dhoke Elahi Bakhsh, Dhoke Mirza, Tehmasapabad, Mohllah Ahmed Ali Shah, Chaman Zar Colony, Gawalmandi, Dhoke Dalal, Amarpura, Moti Mahal, Saidpur Road, Katarian, Ratta Amral, Dhoke Ratta, Malpur, Christian Colony, Angatpura, Mohallah Imam Bara and Dhoke Hassu. But all this proved nothing except paper work to satisfy the higher authorities, he lamented. He urged the District Administration to pay attention to the causes of flood in Lai and to take practical and sustainable steps to provide safeguard to people against the flood. While coming hard on PML-N local leadership, Raja Rashid alleged that they were halting the authorities in launching drive against encroachments along the nullah, which were actually main cause of flood. He said many times the administration launched anti-encroachment drives but failed due to political pressure and inefficiency of their officials.