LAHORE - The public hospitals in the Punjab have hardly any mechanism to preserve the record of patients brought in the emergency departments, as they do not have implemented any project of modern computerised software to preserve data. The record of millions of patients brought in emergency wards daily gets wasted just after one day because of the absence of any computerised system in these hospitals. This is the very reason that not a single plan to decrease the ratio of diseases in the Punjab has accomplished so far. The data of emergencys patients could be accessed even after many years in public hospitals across the world, but the hospitals in the Punjab are being run without any computerised record. According to an estimate some 0.4 million patients are brought to the emergency wards in the hospitals in the province daily. The previous regime embarked upon installing software at the Mayo and Lahore General hospitals. Computers and software systems were purchased with a sum of Rs 1.25 crore, but the software did not work after the installation. It is said that the software was not compatible either and nor the matter was discussed with any of the doctors. The merchandise now lies in the first floor of Lahore General Hospitals emergency ward. The King Edward Medical University recently gave free-of-cost software worth millions of rupees to the Mayo Hospital Medical Superintendent. A computerised software has been established at the Mayo Hospital and since the last two months all the registrations and particulars of the patients are being made, collected and preserved through this software. Similar software has also installed at the Jinnah Hospital. The software installed at the Services Hospital will start working once it gets internet connection. The hospitals in other cities of the Punjab including Ganga Ram, Lahore General, Gulab Devi, Childrens, Lady Aithison, Lady Wellingdon hospitals in Lahore are still without any computerised software system. It may be mentioned that theft of medicines can also be eliminated by introducing and utilising computerised software.