The PPP leadership must, for the sake of posterity, pay heed to the warning by Senator Raza Rabbani that people's patience is running out. He sees a bloody revolution in the making. All politicians, especially those within the corridors of power, seem disconnected from the masses. President Zardari is surrounded by too many cronies, all of them crooks, all singing his praises and leading him on to the doom, as is the usual fate of many such rulers. Not too long ago, the ground slipped from under the feet of Shah of Iran and Marcos, both corrupt to the core as he is and just as powerful. There seems to be no shame in the manner corruption is being indulged in and patronised by the executive branch of the Pakistan government and this despite the almighty racket being made by the media constantly. Increasing poverty, injustice and abuse of merit have become the hallmark of all our recent governments but especially this one. Lawlessness, crime, murder, robberies and an endemic, all-encompassing and ever-present insecurity haunts the citizens of our country today. But the ruling elite is still living it up in palatial houses like Mughal kings unmindful, indeed defiant, in the face of the rising storm of dust. Raza Rabbani is among the few politicians across the political divide who still have some credibility. His words should be heard where it matters. -SYED JAWAID HUSSAIN, Multan, June 19