Pakistani Ambassador to China Masood Khan has said that the ongoing war against terrorism is going to be a ong term effort. Khan made the remarks at a briefing titled Security and Military Operations by the Armed Forces of Pakistan against Terrorists. He called on the international community to stabilize the situation in Afghanistan both militarily and politically. There should be no let up in the campaign against Al-Qaeda and the Taliban, recent media report quoted Ambassador Khan as briefing participants. He said Pakistan is pursuing a threes policy in the fight against terrorism: Dialogue, Development and Deterrence. Dialogue will lure sensible elements away from violence. Development will economically empower the areas which have become recruiting grounds for terrorists and Deterrence will be used against hard-core militants and terrorists who defy the state. More than 140,000 troops are deployed on the western border, Khan said, adding that Pakistani armed and security forces have been fighting terrorists, consolidating military gains, and helping rebuild shattered communities affected by the anti-terror operations. As for Chinese concerns about the security of its nationals in Pakistan, Khan said in Chinas security lies Pakistans security, adding that a special task force has been created to ensure the safety and security of Chinese nationals and businesses in Pakistan. We are grateful to China that 120 of its enterprises are making contributions to our economy, he added. Calling Chinas policy towards Afghanistan wise, Khan said Chinas preference for investing in development and reconstruction in Afghanistan will help strengthen the nations infrastructure, create jobs, and improve the overall situation.