KURRAM AGENCY - At least 12 suspected militants including foreigners were killed and reportedly several others sustained injuries in three back to back US drone strikes in Lower Kurram Agency on Monday. In the first attack by the US unmanned aircraft fired two missiles at a moving vehicle in Khardand village, leaving three suspected militants killed including a key militant commander. Soon after the first incident, it is stated that a group of militants were on their way to rescue their colleagues who were killed in the first attack, again another drone fired two more missiles on the militants in which two more militants were killed in the same Khardand locality. It was the second consecutive US drone attack of the day. Similarly, in the third attack, a US drone fired four missiles on a militant compound in Qamar Mella when they were about to leave the compound to take part in the rescue work. Seven bodies were recovered from the rubble. The sources said that death toll may rise as locals feared more bodies under the rubble of the targeted compound. The drones mostly targeted militant hideouts in Waziristan tribal region. However, about 35 people were killed in the last two years in drone strike in Kurram tribal region. Almost a year back, around 10 suspected militants were killed in a US drone attack at Talo Kach area in Lower Kurram Agency, while 23 other suspected militants had been killed in a similar drone attack one and a half year back when a suspected militants compound was attacked at Barjo area of Central Kurram Agency.