A LUCKY three-year-old boy had a miraculous escape after he fell from a eighth floor balcony and became trapped in the buildings air-conditioning unit. The toddler, who has not been named, had been left home alone in the apartment in Beijing, China, before he fell. Neighbours, who heard him screaming in terror, called the police for help. But when they noticed he was starting to slip they decided to take the matter into their own hands. Two grocery shop workers, Mr Wang and Mr Zhou, leapt into action climbing out of the window and grabbing the boys arm in the nick of time. A passing witness, a Mr Miao, said he suddenly heard screaming and when he looked up he saw 'a kid was stuck behind an air conditioner while his legs were dangling in the air Mr Miao added: 'Then several men appeared at the balcony on the 7th floor. One of them climbed over and caught the boys wrist. DM