FAISALABAD - The traffic wardens in Faisalabad have launched the worst challan campaign, creating severe problems for drivers. Traffic wardens off duty were witnessed to be making challans after setting up pickets in different parts of the city. Citizens complained about being stopped and challaned without any reason. A source told the Nation that salaries of traffic wardens were linked with challan targets and chief traffic officer Sardar Asif Ali has directed the wardens to make more challans to maintain their jobs. Daily the Nation along with the team of Waqt News Channel and Nawa-i-waqt conducted a survey in this regard when large queues of citizens were under stern sunlight outside national banks and circle offices of the traffic police sectors taking registration books or licenses back after collecting fines. Citizens protested against wardens making even two challans at a same time, just to achieve their target. Traffic wardens should challan on violation only, they complained. The traffic wardens refused to give their point of view; some of the wardens escaped from the spot violating traffic laws on seeing the Nawa-i-waqt group team. The citizens protested against the violation of traffic laws by the wardens. Citizens questioned the 10 day silence of Punjab Law Minister Rana Sana Ullah Khan, opposition leader in Punjab assembly Raja Raiz Ahmad Khan and other members of the Punjab assembly both from the PPP and PML-N on the issue. They demanded members of the Punjab assembly, belonging to Faisalabad, to table a resolution in the House against the traffic wardens so relief could be provided to the aggrieved citizens.