In spite of our constitution which states that all laws will be in conformity with Islam and all citizens will be equal before the eyes of law, the ground reality is that big crime pays in Pakistan, while minor criminals are dealt with severely. Majority of all men involved in robbing the state of billions either get away scot-free, or else are offered convenient plea bargain packages, where they are to return the stolen money in easy installments spread over several years and while in jail spend their time in centrally air conditioned rest houses. Those who robbed NICL, Punjab Bank, Railway land scam, NHA, missing containers scam etc have all managed to get the best of deals, although they had individually deprived the state of billions. It seems Pakistan in the last 50 years has been transformed into a haven for criminals and those who violate the law. Recently a youth named Shahbaz Butt who robbed Rs 35,000 from a medical store in Yuhannabad near Lahore was killed in a staged police encounter. As compared to that Moonis Elahi, the son of a former CM Punjab, who is accused of Rs 350 million heist in the NICL scam is spending his imprisonment in a luxurious rest house with all facilities. This country is today devoid of all ethics and morality. There is discrimination in application of laws and those who have amassed billions through plunder are now respected and treated as elite citizens. MIR TASSADAQ, Lahore, June 14.