ISLAMABAD - A former police constable tried self-immolation in the Supreme Court building on Monday after getting disappointed that he would not get justice even from the countrys top court. Asad Munir had got favourable verdicts from two courts, but the police had not implemented them as is a common practice for so-called the law-enforcers. The Supreme Court was the last ray of hope for the former cop, who must be knowing that a large number of people have to take similar steps because of the polices disregard to the judicial orders. A statement issued by the apex court contradicts the ex-cops version. Munir was dismissed from service because he got married to a cousin of an SHO of Rajanpur, Pervaiz Akhtar. He approached the Family Court and then District and Sessions Judge Rajanpur. Both of them gave decisions which were favourable to him. But, the decisions could not be implemented because of the alleged influence of his opponents. A dejected Munir then filed a human right application with the Supreme Court, urging the top court to order implementation of the un-implemented court verdicts. A security guard said he saw a man in flame crying for help running towards the entrance of the Supreme Court. They rushed towards him and tried to douse the flame by throwing water. Although his life was saved, he received serious burn injuries. It is a common knowledge that a large number of people come to courts everyday to have their cases decided. But many of them have to go back home empty-handed at the end of the day because the courts cannot take up all the cases mentioned in the cause lists. And the court officers then set new dates for the leftover cases. SHO Secretariat Police Station Hakim Khan said that he had recorded the statement of victim and registered a case against him. Munir after giving basic treatment at SC dispensary was later shifted to Pakistan Institute of Medical Science (PIMS). Asma Jahangir, President, Supreme Court Bar Association, termed the incident horrible. She said: It was warning for all of us. SC STATEMENT: A statement issued by the apex court said a detailed perusal of his case reveals the fact that he was a police constable working in the Rajanpur District. He was dismissed from service on the ground of unauthorized leave and showing irresponsible behaviour unbecoming of a constable. The report was called from IGP wherein it was revealed that in addition to his irresponsible behaviour he abducted his sister-in-law from her house. As per police report, he also deceived another woman namely Mst. Salma Yasin who was a teacher and arranged secret marriage with her and divorced her subsequently. The said teacher also filed a petition of abduction against him in court. The police report stated that on this gross misconduct and due to immoral activities, inquiry was conducted in accordance with law and he was dismissed from service. He filed two departmental appeals which were rejected. He approached the Punjab Service Tribunal and filed appeal No. 1101/2008 which was duly rejected. It is a matter of record that he never went into appeal against Punjab Service Tribunals decision. However, he filed an appeal in the HR Cell of the Supreme Court of Pakistan on March 03, 2010. Since his appeal is not entertainable under the law and since he never challenged his dismissal in the Supreme Court, therefore, HR Cell of the Supreme Court filed his application.