MULTAN - To protect Multan from likely flood, the Irrigation Department has issued tender for the upraising of security dyke and the project will be accomplished at a cost of Rs109.4 million. Similarly, other preparations like plan to make a breach in the flood banks are also made to protect Multan. Sources said that the flood banks between Head Muhammad Wala and Bund Bosan would be risen under the project. It was pointed out in a report sent to Chief Minister by the Irrigation Department that the flood water will overtop the security dykes and enter Multan, if River Chenab receives 650,000 cusec or more water as the approach road for newly constructed Head Muhammad Wala bridge has cut down the width of riverbed considerably. The report pointed out grave mistakes committed during the construction of the bridge and revealed that three major security embankments known as Akbar, Nawabpur and Escape Flood Bunds were not taken into account during a hydraulic Model Study conducted by the Irrigation Research Institute before construction of the bridge despite the fact that these Bunds are directly affected by the bridge construction. It was also located in the report that the approach road from Multan city to Head Muhammad Wala bridge intercepts Akbar Flood Bund and is laid on a 15 ft. high six kilometer long embankment above river bed. The road has closed one active main creek of River Chenab, which is four-km away from Akbar Flood Bund. Meanwhile, chairing a meeting held to finalize flood fighting programme here on Monday, the DCO Multan Zahid Akhtar Zaman asked the heads of all departments to evolve the flood plan and submit a copy with his office. He said that the government had issued a high alert notice in view of expected intense monsoon. He asked civil defence and Rescue 1122 departments to make advance plan for the rescue of flood affectees. He issued order for making a list of high-rise and large buildings where facilities like water, toilets, tenting place and kitchen are available. He said that the relief camps should be established along the affected areas to prevent the affectees from hardships while returning to their area. He said that the flood plan should include supply of food, tents and security to the affectees. He issued order for mobilizing the civil defence volunteers.