The Pakistan armed forces have on Sunday once again driven back a gang of marauding insurgents from Afghanistan. Armed with sophisticated weapons, the militants first ransacked a checkpost on the border and then headed towards a village in the Mohmand Agency with the obvious intent to kill and plunder. It was here that they were taken on by our air and ground forces and the ensuing clashes left 25 of them dead. But such was their ferociousness that they also claimed the lives of four of our soldiers and left eight others badly wounded. Certainly, it raises doubts about the assurance given by Afghan President Karzai that no cross-border attack would occur. Indeed, that attacks are still happening only shows the US-Afghan complicity in these deadly raids. For one thing, these acts of brazen aggression are very much planned, and the militants who take part in them are sufficiently well trained and armed to take on a much bigger opponent. Secondly, the US by dint of its aerial surveillance is always on the lookout for any sort of movement of large mass of people on the border and hence it either knows about Sundays cross-border intrusion or itself stage-managed it. And in either case, the fault squarely lies with it. The US, it appears, is secretly pushing them into our territory to find a pretext to complain that our tribal areas remain infested with terrorists. The response, however by our armed forces was prompt and befitting and would act as deterrent against further such attacks. On the other hand, the fact that the Afghans after all that we have done for them ranging from seaport facilities to financial and food aid have become willing participants in a US-led campaign of aggression like the Mohmand attack should now alert us to the dangers that our country faces from the presence of Afghans migrants on our soil. Over the years, these migrants have added to our difficulties and at present times, many of them have become the cannon fodder for US game to destabilise Pakistan. A recent report published by the UNHCR puts the number of Afghan refugees at 1.9 million that makes Pakistan the leading host nation in the world. Our society has struggled under this burden for too long and now definitely is the time to send them back to their country. Instead, the 300,000 Biharis languishing in makeshift camps in the slums and suburbs of Bangladesh cities who are being punished solely for their wish to remain patriotic Pakistanis, should be welcomed back to live with equal citizenship rights.