OUR STAFF REPORTER ISLAMABAD - Federal Minister for Finance and Economic Affairs Dr Abdul Hafeez Shaikh Monday chaired a meeting about the proposal for the constitution of the trade regulatory authority, which were presented to him by the chairman National Logistic Board. The National Logistic Board gave a detailed presentation to the meeting encompassing the status of the national logistic cell, its operation vis-a-vis Afghan transit trade, its official designation as the government controlled strategic and Crision Management office attached to the Planning Commission. It was proposed in a meeting for formation of a transit trade regulatory authority whereby the implementation of the internal and external control of transit may be regulated. Meanwhile the proposal dilated upon the determination of the authority at the exit and entry points, and implemented through the regulatory body. In both mechanisms, exit and entries, internal and external the trekking system and biometric systems are proposed by the NLB in coordination with the other stakeholders eg. FBR, Ministry of Commerce and Communications and others. The Finance Minister proposed a committee for the further deliberation on the matter before the next meeting on the present presentation and hoped that in the coming session of the meeting we will be able to reach a conclusion about the summary. Secretary Finance, Planning and Development, Secretary Communications and Secretary Defence and others attended the meeting.