ISLAMABAD - Jeevay Pakistan Jeevay Maqami-Hakoomat (JPJM), a countrywide platform to save the district government system in the country, is all set to mobilise masses for the removal of hurdles in way of the holding of local government elections due since the dissolution of district and tehsil governments across the country. JPJM is a countrywide platform formed in 2009 prior to the dissolution of local governments to save the system in the country. It comprises Local Council Associations (LCAs), former nazims, councillors, press clubs, bar associations, citizen community boards and civil society organisations. The body was also working on a report depicting the performance of provincial finance commissions to point out whether the district, tehsil/town and unions have been provided their due financial and constitutional rights or not in the finance bills of the provinces for fiscal 2010-11. Sources aware of the deliberations of JPJM informed that the report would also examine whether the additional funds allocated in the new finance commission had been disbursed according to the law or not. The report will be made public soon, says a source. When contacted, JPJM Chairman Daniyal Aziz said that certain vested interest were hell bent to usurp the political and democratic rights of people by delaying local government polls for the last over one year due to which people at grassroots level were facing severe hardships in getting their day-to-day problems resolved. He further said that the plan to restore defunct executive magistracy system showed that provincial governments wanted the rule of jungle and not the rule of law in the country. Terming the absence of basic tier of democracy from the present democratic setup a mere joke with the democracy, democratic institutions and the constitution, Daniyal Aziz emphasised that the basic importance of union council should be accepted in the backdrop of Local Government Ordinance 2001. Resources and authorities of tehsil should be given to union and the same of the union should be given to the village keeping in view the clause 77 and 78 of the LGO 2001, he added. Referring to the April 13, 2010 verdict of the Supreme Court of Pakistan wherein the apex court had ordered the restoration of public safety commissions to implement Police Order 2001 and inform the court about it within one month, the JPJM recalled that unfortunately, the decision of the court is yet to be honoured despite the passage of one year. He said owing to non-implementation of the court orders, people are not getting their democratic rights for local self-governance and public safety. He said at a time when the by-elections of national and provincial assemblies were held, the elections of local governments were being delayed on the plea of terrorism, floods and economic crisis in the country, which, he said, is unfair with the people at local level. LCA Punjab President Asghar Shah Gillani said the revival of divisional tier in the province is the result of stubbornness of a few vested interests in the bureaucracy as even the officers posted at DCO level and below were in favour of the local government system. He said under the LGO Section 182 (5) of law, no employee working in divisional offices can exercise any financial, administrative or appellate authority. Thus creating divisional offices for government servants who cannot function was a sad joke with the people, he added. LCA Khyber Pakhtunkhwa President Yousaf Ayub said in the past a vilification campaign was launched against Nazims dubbing them as corrupt but not a single proof of any ones corruption was made public. The LCAs look forward to this years audit reports so that the truth about the administrators can come out and the public can judge who is really corrupt, he said.