Why is PEPCO being punished for the sins of the government. It has added 3000 MW but the load has gone up from 15000 to 18000 MW in one year. Many plants are shut down due to fuel shortage. It is the governments policy of total dependence on oil for power generation that is the root cause of the problem of power shortage. Kalabagh dam would give us 3600 MW in the shortest period of time. Kalabagh is the best site for a dam in Pakistan and it is the best project for the economy of Pakistan. Bhasha dam will be too little, too late. Rivers and dams belong to the nation and not to any one province. Operation of dams and river water distribution is already under the federal body IRSA having a higher representation from Sindh. Punjab will take only its due share, reduced in favour of Sindh, in all future dams despite having 70 percent of the total crop area of the country and bearing 80 percent of the total agriculture load. Without the left bank canal at Kalabagh dam, Punjab will never get any water from any dam on the Indus, be it Tarbela, Bhasha, Skardu, Akhori or Katzara. The water from all these dams will bypass north Punjab and DI Khan in KP to flow down to Sindh and Balochistan, except the little that south Punjab is allowed to take. Two thirds of north Punjab will revert from irrigated to barani, with a 50 loss in national food production. Let us not cut the nose to spite the face. KHURSHID ANWER, Lahore, June 17.