LAHORE The Institute of Engineers, Pakistan has stated that the only solution of the grave issue of power shortage is the construction of Kalabagh Dam. Institute Director General Lieutenant Colonel (rtd) Khalid Naseer Butt said that the feasibility report for the construction of KBD had long been prepared. The Institute at a meeting also passed a resolution in the favor of immediate construction of the Dam. The resolution was passed in the 46th Annual General Body Meeting of the IEP. The resolution strongly recommended the construction of Kalabagh Dam without any delay adding Bhasha Dam and Neelum-Jehlum projects as the next alternatives to avoid heavy loss and crippling the country just on the threats of the politicians. The resolution further says government is unable to generate the electricity as the major power houses are based on thermal fuel. The government is short of the funds because the revenue collected by the government was much less than the cost of fuel imported. Moreover, the cost of generation through Thermal Power Houses range from Rs 15 per unit to Rs 25 per unit and the government receives the public Rs 3.5 per unit to Rs 10 per unit based on various tariffs. The actual revenue collection in this regard is hardly 50% of the actual cost of generation excluding the cost of transmission and distribution etc. The general body strongly recommended the construction of Kalabagh Dam which was going to take five years in completion within a cost of five billion dollars providing water for irrigation to all the provinces, controlling flood, and providing electricity at a minimum cost of Re 1 per unit up to minimum of 3500 Mega Watt. The project being right in the middle of load centre shall have negligible cost of transmission. The resolution also recommended the next alternative to construct hydel power station on Bhasha dam and through Bunji tunnel which however are going to take from 15 to 25 years with an investment of 15 to 25 billion dollars for each project which shall provide around 5000 to 8000 MW each. The third recommendation by the IEP is Neelum-Jehlum project that shall produce 1000 MW but can only be constructed not before five years and without having much capacity for accumulation of irrigation water. The politicians, through this resolution are requested not to intervene in the technical matters for the development of the country and leave them for decision and implementation by the engineers being technical experts. The resolution stressed for establishing of KBD Construction Company and added that the company would arrange funds by selling its shares in open market, arrange solution/ compensations to the peoples who are supposed to be the looser, due to the construction of Kalabagh Dam, reconcile the differences and develop harmony among the provinces.