Punjab Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif told reporters during his first visit to the Ashiyana Housing Scheme at Saroba Atari in Lahore on Sunday that a highly unjust attitude was being shown to Punjab in the distribution of electricity, gas and petrol. It is noteworthy that the petrol shortage that has cropped up following power loadshedding, which owes itself to the gas shortage, shows the difficulties being faced by the common man in getting these commodities of essential use in daily life. However, it also needs to be made clear that as the law and order situation in Karachi has worsened, manufacturing has shifted to Punjab, and thus while Karachi remains a very important industrial hub, Punjab is also an equally important industrial centre. Because of this, the shortage of any of the commodities mentioned by Mian Shahbaz has a negative impact on the lives of the majority of the population, with the obvious consequence of job loss. The federal government should know that burdening Punjab and lessening the burden felt in other provinces, because the PPP is in the opposition here, is not good policy. Apart from the unfairness it involves, it also affects adversely the very many PPP supporters in the province; this will be a politically counterproductive strategy, because those suffering or losing their jobs though they might be from the PPP would turn away from it. Mian Shahbaz warned that the 100 million people of the province knew how to get their rights. This should not be taken lightly, for with the turmoil disturbing the Arab world, and with the shortages not just the only problems faced by the populace, any move against the government which saw the largest provinces provincial government also driven to support extra-legal means to protest these shortages, could well prove too much of a threat to the government. It would be better for it to avert this by removing the grievances of any province, by the best method possible, of averting the shortages.