Our staff reporter LAHORE- A delegation of the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) led by its Chairman, Dr. Zafar Iqbal Qadir, called on Governor Punjab here on Monday at the Governors House. The delegation briefed the governor about the activities of the NDMA especially in the context of the preparedness for the forthcoming monsoon season. The Chairman NDMA informed the Governor that his department was finalizing monsoon contingency plan 2011 at the moment. He said that a bottom-up approach for the preparation of the plan this year has been that inputs from the provinces as well as the districts have been sought through field visits, consultations and workshops. The national plan would cater to the needs of all the federating units, he added. The governor while appreciating the efforts put in by the Authority emphasized on the need for better short term and long term planning not only to handle this recurring hazard but to get into research for converting this hazard into an opportunity through utilization of the flood waters for agricultural purposes especially in those areas which are water scarce. He further suggested that NDMA may look into the possibility of energy generation through temporary storage at appropriate sites. The governor also asked the NDMA to proactively work on sharing the disaster related information and knowledge with the masses so that they were well aware of the consequences of the floods disaster and are better prepared to safeguard their lives and properties. The governor also asked the Chairman NDMA to take special measures for the protection of the vulnerable population of the south Punjab against the threat of the flash floods from the hill torrents in the areas of Mianwali, D G Khan and Rajanpur. The chairman NDMA assured the governor that as per his invaluable guidance the NDMA will initiate the necessary measure and would also Keep him updated on the activities.