Why is it that no member of our ruling elite in Pakistan, has failed to adhere to the moral and high ethical standards set by Quaid-i-Azam who never compromised on principles and issues of integrity. Is this a consequence of the fake claims filed by majority of Muslim migrants in 1947, who overnight went from rags to riches, and than accumulated political power? Will the elected sitting PM of Pakistan explain how in just over three years his family and others in his cabinet have acquired immense assets, which they cannot justify in accordance with their declared incomes? When people in power overnight become billionaires, they do so only when national interests are compromised and shady deals are authorized by those in power. This country and its 170 million citizens today suffer because of the sins and compromises made by few members of our corrupt elite in politics and civil or uniformed services. Pakistan's vital national security interests have suffered repeated blows lately, because we are now reaping the harvest of what we have sown, while culprits like Musharraf or Admiral Mansoor-ul-Haq live in luxury in foreign countries. Also former senior bureaucrats of the Musharraf era are responsible for destroying our institutions by pursuing unholy agendas, which have led to decadence within them. There is still time that we accept our mistakes, punish the corrupt and restore rule of law in Pakistan, otherwise we will become a failed state. MIR TASSADAQ, Lahore, June 15.