MULTAN - Chairman of National Assemblys Standing Committee for Education and PML (N) leader Abid Sher Ali said on Monday that the federal government made parliament worthless as it did not get implemented parliaments unanimous resolution against drone attacks. Addressing a press conference here at Circuit House, he said that a planned drive was launched against defence forces under a vicious conspiracy to defame them. He said that some quarters attempted to give impression that the PML-N was opposed to defence institutions. We salute to our martyrs but well not let any institution cross its limits, he added. He said that it was the policy of PML-N Quaid Mian Nawaz Sharif that no compromise would be made on Pakistans sovereignty. He said that the country would automatically take to the path of progress and prosperity if all institutions worked while living within their limits. He said that the responsibility of armed forces was to safeguard national frontiers and not to rule the country. He claimed that secret agencies were making political parties. He said that we would have to get rid of our weaknesses to prevent criticism. Well have to constitute independent commission to probe Kargil, Abbottabad and Mehran Base incidents so that the faces of characters responsible for these tragedies can be unveiled, he added. He said that the journalists were being killed while institutions were at the verge of complete destruction. He said that reluctance in forming commission to investigate above mentioned incidents showed governments malice. He said that the incidents like Kargil badly harmed countrys repute and the only way to revive honour was to constitute independent commission and bring the culprits to the justice. He accused the PPP of creating division among provinces. He pointed out that on one side innocent citizens were being murdered in Karachi while on the other hand worst ever target killing was underway in Balochistan. The PPP is giving the impression as if Pakistan was created on basis of provinces, he maintained. He added that the PPP not only spread a vicious net of conspiracies but also created division in the country. He said that the federal government subjected Punjab to serious discrimination as Punjab was faced with worst ever power and gas loadshedding. Resultantly, hundreds of industries are shut down and thousands of labourers rendered jobless, he lamented. Referring to the corruption cases, he alleged that the government provided shield to its corrupt ministers. He lashed out at the PPP government and claimed that it was the major obstacle in way of approval of accountability bill tabled by the Nawaz League in the National Assembly. He demanded of the government to get resignations from ministers involved in corruption cases. He said that the corrupt elements embezzled Rs5 billion in NICL case while Rs20 billion advance was paid to power generation companies. He warned that PML-N would prove an iron wall in way of those opposing Suo Moto action of court against corrupt elements. Its a group of 40 thieves led by Ch Pervaiz Elahi. We have no personal feud with any one but we want national exchequer returned, he added.