According to media news after personal efforts of Pakistani Human Right activist Ansar Burney several Pakistani, Indian and Egyptian seamen hostages have released by Somali pirates after payment of $2.1 million ransom. The ship was captured about six months ago by Somali pirates and after long negotiations and personal efforts of human right activist Ansar Burney dream of release of these people came true. Unfortunately despite several efforts of captured peoples families, the government had failed to take any practical action. Its also true that due to silence of big powers and world community piracy issue has become tragic reality of modern history. Modern powers are spending billions of dollars against unseen enemies in different wars but are still not able to control acts of piracy even in busiest sea routes. Several big shipping routes have become havens for pirates and now piracy has even become profitable business. People are working on ships with constant fear of piracy. Unfortunately despite increasing incidence of piracy world community and UNO is sitting silent and doing nothing to make dangerous shipping route secure. KHAWAJA UMER FAROOQ, Jeddah, June 14.