LAHORE It may be immaterial for the politicians to take stock of the situation which develops at the public level after what they say or do. Yet the fact is that people do feel the heat of their words and actions of what they do on the floor of the House. The legal fraternity is the most vulnerable segment of the society which takes immediate effect of the events taking place at the national and the international level. After a successful movement for the restoration of judiciary, lawyers came up as an important stake-holder in the affairs of the country. The struggle of lawyers had started since the Martial Law of General Ziaul Haq under the banner of MRD which took a more organised shape after the restoration of judges on March 16, 2009. They have mustered up their power and support for respective ideologies and political interests at various platforms and forums. They do show political affiliation and also biased on political matters but this is not done all the time. They act above their political affiliation and proclivity when it is the matter of their community, excesses on their members or killing of their any colleague. The bar, as a common platform of the community, hardly closes its eyes on any matter whether is it rampant poverty, drone attacks or the US intervention in our affairs. Possibly the politicians may not be aware but their statements and acts are well scrutinised at the bar. For instance, previously Dr Babar Awan came under fire when a part of the legal fraternity showed reservations on his venture to woo the bars by giving lavish funds to them in the backdrop of a cold-war like situation between the judiciary and the government about implementing the high-profile judicial orders. Then the Lahore Bar had also moved the court when a cheque given by the law minister was bounced back allegedly on the direction of former law minister as he was annoyed with the body on its meeting with the CJP. At present, the burning issue is the statement given by Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah Khan against Dr Babar Awan. Majority of the lawyers has resented and repelled the fatwa given by Rana Sanaullah for the killing of Dr Awan. Normally, a criminal liability incurs on a person who instigates others to kill another. Rana Sanaullah has clarified his statement on the floor of the House that he did not mean what it was aired on media and perceived by the public. But his words have little mended the damage done by his statement which he denies. A petition was moved before the LHC praying for a direction to register a criminal case against the provincial law minister. The plea was dismissed as withdrawn after the court questioned the locus standi of the petitioner. As a counterblast, the PML-N lawyers on Saturday announced to move a petition against Dr Awan agitating various allegations against him as well as questioning his doctorate degree. To strike back, the People Lawyers Forum staged protest against Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah on Monday when they strongly condemned his statement. A large number of PPP affiliated lawyers marched from the Lahore High Court Bar to the GPO Chowk. The protestors blocked the traffic for almost an hour, raising slogans against Sanaullah. PPP lawyers demanded immediate removal of Sanaullah from the office of law minister. They appealed to CJP Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry to take suo motu notice of it besides demanding Punjab Bar Council to also take action against him and cancel his license. Interestingly, law officers of the federal government also took part in the protest. Talking to this scribe, Bar president Asghar Ali Gill held politicians responsible for putting the people stand against each other. The fact must not be overlooked that what the politicians say on the floor of the House may be expunged. But they should take special care while speaking publicly, he said.