ISLAMABAD - Pakistan has produced many legends in almost all the sporting fields and Raja M Asif, who played Davis Cup for Pakistan in 1992 and 1993 against Bangladesh and Singapore, is one of the examples. In an exclusive interview with TheNation here on Monday, Asif shared memories of his glorious days with a smiling face. He presently plays tennis along with promoting the game through his active involvement. Asif is a regular player at Islamabad Tennis Complex, where he along with his kids, Imran, Shehryar, Aisha and Fatima, plays and gives tips to other kids also. Asif said: "In our time, the main difference was the back-up. Many players use to come from almost all corners of the country and were determined to play for their country and the main thing which I want to mention in our days was that the kids were given camp training." Asif is presently working with an orphan namely Raja Shahid Mehmood, belonging from Malpur village, a remote area of the Federal Capital. Asif said "I have played and worked with a lot of professional players but this kid has got extra spark and with proper training and guidance he will soon become a world-class player and will prove to be an asset for the country." He said: "I have discovered this kid during my frequent visits to Islamabad Tennis Complex. I found that the kid was working very hard. I monitored him and found that he has a great potential. Through the proper training he can improve a lot. I talked to his coach Fazle Subhan, who was the junior Davis Cup captain and the coach of senior Davis Cup and Fed Cup teams, said since then I monitoring him personally and bearing all of his expenses. I feel it was my moral duty as a former Davis Cupper to help out Pakistan tennis in every possible way," he stated. Talking to this scribe Shahid said: "When my father died in 2004, I had to feed my brothers and sisters, so I decided to earn bread and butter for my family. I met the coach Fazle Subhan, who was running tennis academy at Islamabad Tennis Complex. He was very kind to me and offered me a job at the complex." He said after watching youngsters from different age groups playing tennis he began to take keen interest and with the help of coach and Raja Asif, he adopted tennis as a full-time job. He said Raja Asif promised him to provide financial assistance and he fulfilled his promise. "I shifted my focus to tennis and with a short span of time I have improved my ranking. I have beaten a lot of top junior ranked players such as Hasib, Kashanul Haq and also won the Inter-Collegiate Championship after defeating all my opponents, said Raja Shahid. PTF must come forward and help kids like Shahid to promote tennis to each corner of the country, Shahid needs job and financial security if provided a reasonable job which will ease his burden and then he will be fully able to concentrate on his tennis, he concluded. Raja Asif in his concluding remarks urged PTF and other multi-nationals to come forward and play their role in promoting tennis at grass roots level.