ISLAMABAD - Punjab Police have expressed inability to access the e-mail account of senior journalist Saleem Shahzad, who was found murdered on May 30 after abduction in Mandi Bahauddin. Inspector General Punjab Police in its interim investigation report has submitted that Punjab Police had made efforts to access the e-mail account of Saleem Shahzad but in vain. Report said three different experts had been consulted but they were unable to access e-mail account that could prove an invaluable source into the death of Saleem Shahzad case. Police report also revealed that, besides the interview of friends and family and professional associates, hectic efforts had been made to get the CDR, soon after the investigation was taken up. Twenty-four numbers have yet to be identified from which either the calls were frequently made/received during May 2011. No specific information could be culled that might provide any lead about the perpetrators until now. Efforts are underway to get/identify remaining telephone/cell numbers, the report added. It is also said that going beyond the CDR, authorities including the private telecom companies and their regularity body Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, were contacted through informal sources to get the access to Tower Traffic data, followed by formal request, but it had not yet been provided so far. Punjab Police also said in the report that allegations against intelligence agencies were of general nature, based on perceived sequence of events that were alleged to have culminated in death of Saleem Shahzad. Neither any friends, colleagues, nor family members have rendered any information specific enough that may pinpoint suspicion to individual level, it added.