WASHINGTON- According to Washington Post, more than 400 US military drones have crashed in major accidents across the world since 2001.

Under the Freedom of Information Act, The Post was able to obtain significant documents in which it was argued that military drones have malfunctioned in myriad ways, plummeting from the sky because of mechanical breakdowns, human error, bad weather and other reasons.

These documents have blatantly challenged the federal government’s assurances regarding drones . However, these military drones have slammed not only into homes but one even crashed into an Air Force C-130 Hercules transport plane.

Commercial drone flights are set to become a widespread reality in the United States, starting next year. Drone flights by law enforcement agencies and the military , which already occur on a limited basis, are expected to surge.

Several military drones have simply disappeared at cruising altitudes. The documents describe a multitude of costly mistakes made by remote-control

pilots. Defense Department officials argued that they are confident in the reliability of their drones . Most of the crashes occurred in war, they emphasized, under harsh conditions unlikely to be experienced in the United States.