ISLAMABAD  - A writ petition challenging the issuance of red warrants for the arrest of alleged gangster of Lyari Gang War Uzair Baloch was moved in the Islamabad High Court (IHC) on Friday.
Razia Begum, mother of the head of banned People's Amman Committee (PAC) Uzair Jan Baloch, resident of Karachi, filed the petition and requested the court for cancellation of red warrants issued for the arrest of her son. She cited ministry of interior, ministry of foreign affairs, chief secretary Sindh, inspector general of Sindh police, home secretary Sindh, director general immigration & passports and Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) as respondents in her petition.
The petitioner informed the court that the passport of her son has also been cancelled by the federal government. She prayed to the court that the passport of her son may also be restored and his name may also be excluded from the exit control list (ECL).
She stated that her son Uzair Ali, who is also known as Uzair Jan Baloch, is an educated person working as a social and political worker and was elected as president of the PAC Lyari in 2009 till October 2011. The petitioner told the court that her son started his struggle for the justice after her husband had been murdered. Baloch remained the jails in fake cases and later courts exonerated him.
Razia Begum said that after 2008 elections Sardar Abdur Rehman Baloch founded PAC following a truce with his rival Arshad Pappu of MQM ending protracted gang war that claimed 300 lives. She continued that in August 2009 Sardar Abdur Rehman Baloch was murdered and then her son Uzair Jan Baloch was elected the PAC chief. The PAC had a bitter rivalry with the MQM and the PPP government in October 2011 banned PAC under the pressure of its ally in the government.
The petitioner said that her son was a soft target for the murderers and in October 2013 Uzair Baloch left the country. She argued that the federal government without adopting due process issued red warrants for arrest of Uzair Baloch.
She maintained that no red warrants could be issued in the matter of his son as the Sindh government has already withdrawn all cases against him. Razia stated in her petition that her son wishes to come back to Pakistan that is his fundamental right. Therefore, she prayed to the court that red warrants issued in the matter of his son may be cancelled and his passport may also be restored.
The office of IHC registrar would fix this petition before some bench in a couple of days.