LAHORE  - The one-judge tribunal that is holding inquiry into the Model Town tragedy has invited Idara Minhajul Quran to join the proceedings and give suggestions or statements in the better interest of justice. LHC Justice Ali Baqar Najfi, who was heading the proceedings , directed Registrar Jawadul Hassan to send a formal invitation for getting viewpoint of the aggrieved party and evidence before the tribunal .
The tribunal said that anyone desirous of giving evidence or making oral or written statement in the form of sworn affidavit might appear before the forum. Earlier, the Punjab Inspector General of Police tendered appearance and submitted report which was made part of the record. DCO Captain (R) Usman appeared before the tribunal and submitted his report.
The judge directed the Punjab Information Secretary to provide all newspaper clippings, footages and newsreels appearing in the electronic media relevant to the bloodbath of the gory incident. During the proceedings , Justice Najfi remarked, “It is also deemed feasible that the administration of the private TV channels should provide the relevant material recorded by their cameramen during the operation to be watched by the tribunal .” In addition, he asked the media people to assist the tribunal to ascertain the facts and circumstances under inquiry.
“The tribunal would feel much satisfied if the statements of the media people on the subject are also recorded,” Justice Najfi further remarked.
In previous hearing, the tribunal had directed IGP, LDA DG and DCO to submit detailed report on the matter. The proceedings adjourned till Saturday (today).
Earlier, Justice Najfi expressed dismay over the IGP for being 20 minutes late to join the proceedings and directed him to be careful regarding the court’s orders. A large number of lawyers were also present there and submitted their suggestions before the tribunal .