Sobia Nazir is one of the most talented, stylish and passionate Pakistani fashion designers. With a childhood passion for fashion designing, she studied fine arts and set up her own brand. She has the ability to understand and highlight the glamour hidden in every woman. Her style and designs are truly unique which make her label stands apart from all other labels. This unique style captures the mood, personality and taste of women with breathtaking results. All these qualities have made Sobia Nazir label as one of the most sought after designer labels. She has showcased her collections at Milan Fashion Week and Dubai Fashion Week. In an exclusive interview with Sunday Plus she talks about her career in fashion industry. Following are excerpts of the interview:

 How did the idea of becoming a fashion designer come to your mind and at what age?

I always wanted to become a fashioner designer since I was a child. My mother had a great sense of style and she has always inspired me. I studied fine arts and set up my own brand.

Tell us a bit about your personal style and how has it changed over the years?

 I'm a very casual person usually wearing jeans and t shirt or a lawn top. But I love to dress up on weddings or if I'm going out with friends or family

What attracts women to buy Sobia Nazir ?

I always try to add something new in my designs in terms of colours scheme and silhouettes but keeping in mind the wearability and comfort in mind they are trendy and timeless pieces. I have seen my clients keeping my clothes in their wardrobe for over years.

You have showcased at fashion events in different fashion capitals. What is kept in mind while participating in these events?

Fashion industry in Pakistan has evolved over past few years. The Pakistan fashion industry has great export potential. By showcasing our collections we get good exposure.

If you could live and work as a designer in any era, which one would it be?

I love fashion of seventies with bold prints, bell bottom pants, platform shoes and the hippie look. 1970s had it all and its fashion trends were distinctly outlined by three major characteristics: prints, prints and more prints. I would love to work in that era. It would be fun to create funky bold prints.

When it comes to design, what are the limitations you work with?

As I mentioned earlier while I'm designing I try to make things which are wearable. So I usually don't make things which are not wearable or too experimental.

What is the age group of people you love to design?

My brand caters all age groups - from eighteen to sixties. But 20-35 age group is more fun to work with.

How much marketing is important for a good designer like you? And if they are important then do marketing people tell to a designer what to do or influence in any way on designing concept?

Marketing is a vital part of the fashion industry. It brings the creations of fashion designers around the world to wholesale buyers and consumers. When executed correctly, the marketing and branding of a product line can ultimately spell success for us. The efficient marketing of designs is almost as important as the design itself.

Another advantage of fashion marketing is that it really helps the buyers connect to the brand. Fashion is about more than just clothing, it’s about the story behind the clothes, the message of the designer and the company that produces the clothing. Marketing does more than just increase sales. It encourages brand loyalty among consumers, which drastically improves a company’s public image.

Does being in the fashion world put extra pressure on you to look great all the time?

No I am usually very casual at work. For me it's important to be comfortable especially when I'm working in a design studio and doing production.

If you are asked to pick just two things from your wardrobe, what it would be?

Jeans and my bag

 Any trends you are following this summer?

 Pastel colours medium lengths, capes, asymmetrical silhouettes. Embroidered cropped and full length trousers, cutworks, thread embroideries, sheer fabrics organza, chiffons and nets.

Who is your campaigning hero or model?

None. I keep changing faces for my brands. It depends on the collection theme. Cybil is the only model I have worked for two years consecutively.

 What is the one change fashion industry needs?

Professionalism and a lot of exposure in the international market.

What is the public's biggest misconception about a designer?

 They always think fashion designing is very glamorous business but in real there's a lot of hard work.

On average, how much time do you spend dressing up?

15 mins

How do you see your brand evolving in the future?

Growing and expanding more Insha Allah!

What is in the pipeline?

 New collections and fashion shows for upcoming season.