ISLAMABAD - Minister for Water and Power Khawaja Muhammad Asif says forced loadshedding has been controlled with improvement in power supply.

In a statement in Islamabad on Saturday, he said 93% urban and 86% rural areas are being provided uninterrupted electricity at ‘Iftar’, ‘Taraweeh’ and ‘Sehri’ timings.

He said gradually the situation is returning to normal schedule loadshedding during the day and no loadshedding during ‘Iftar’, ‘Taraweeh’ and ‘Sehri’.

The Minister said the supply of electricity to Karachi is the responsibility of K-Electric. Ministry of Water and Power is supplying 650MW to Karachi despite difficulties and that the agreement has expired and no new arrangement has been made so far.

This is being done to alleviate the sufferings of the inhabitants of Karachi.

The Minister said the electricity situation is being monitored continuously except for system constraints. The federal complaint cell is also operating round the clock for ratification of technical faults.

Khawaja Asif pointed out that although there are high losses areas where recovery is very minimal and electricity theft is high, they were still trying to maintain a level of electricity supply considering the month of Ramazan.