Who is not aware that Pakistan is facing an uphill task in handle the issues associated with mushroomed growth of Madrassas since the Americans war in Afghanistan against Soviets? With unlimited financial resources, hundreds of new Madrassas were established to produce fodder for American war. Since the exit of Americans Pakistani found a new front for this destructive fodder the rest is history. No need to mourn now that we are unable to put the genie back in the bottle. Presence of tens of thousands of unregistered Madrassas, funding from unknown or undisclosed sources, centuries old curriculum, links with sectarian based militant parties, involvement in fighting proxy wars on behalf of other countries, no contribution of their students in country’ market based economy leading to joblessness among madras students, few of the issues government shall be worried about.

Obviously it’s time to come up with firm plans to turnaround the Madrassas or to align them with the present education system or close them. In the wake of all these challenges, one would question Punjab government plans to establish its own Madrassas with revised curriculum. On paper the scheme makes sense but practically it will be just waste of tax-payers money. Why spend state funds on a project which will take decades to rival the presently well established sectarian based Madrassas? Does it mean Punjab government is retreating from its commitment to take action against sectarian based Madrassas? It’s time to hold the bull from horns, not run away.


Saudi Arab, June 6.