S: Recently my cousin got out of a marriage, one that was draining her emotionally. Good for her.

A: Oh I’m so sorry to hear. I hope she is okay. Leaving behind a whole life is I believe, one of the most difficult things one has to overcome.

S: But, leaving behind a life, one that has given you nothing but agony, is not difficult. It must be a joyous occasion, to finally have the courage to walk away. Marriage has frankly started becoming an institution that forces a woman to give up her life, her hopes and ambitions, in order to cater to a large clan of unsatisfied people. She doesn’t only marry her husband; she marries his whole family as well.

A: It’s true, that a woman has to compromise consistently. But marriage is a sacred bond and I believe in the till-death-do-us-part part.

S: So you would rather stay in an unhappy marriage, just because someone told you marriage is forever? Come on. Even Islam permits divorce.

A: Yes, but as a last resort.

S: The last resort is different for everyone. For some it might be money issue, for others, cheating, or lying or a partner being abusive, or difficult or even dumb. I firmly believe that if two people are unhappy, they should not continue to make each other miserable forever.

A: Yes, but then they make their parents and grandparents miserable.

S: Why? Why do they resent it so much that their children want to be happy?

A: Because happiness is a state of mind. Only you can make yourself happy, your spouse cant.

S: Well, if parents really believe that then they should apply it to themselves and make their own selves happy, and not expect their children to.