The second ashra of Ramzan is around and we’re deep into praying and righteousness. Whether it’s the Ramzan transmissions on TV Channels or our personal inclination in the holy month, we often listen to Qaseedas written in the love of Allah and Prophet (S.A.W.).Watching the latest Naat come out and beautiful Hamd being recited on TV, we may not notice them occupied in our busy routines but let’s admit it, when we were kids; we all enjoyed them.

In the good ol’ times, some of us might have had them on our Nokia phones while others were patted on the back for reciting them in front of elders. Here are some melodies that will take you down memory lane and bring out the childhood nostalgia.

We may listen to as many versions of Qaseeda Burda Shareef as we want, but watching this on PTV as children can never be replaced.

Not only was the composition and combination of different languages soothing, it still feels like a tune from home.

Needless to say this incredible qawali that touches the soul even today

Even though this particular qawali met several opposing remarks, we can’t deny the connection we have to it.

And this gem of a Naat that reminded us the glory of Prophet (S.A.W.)

There’s an 88% chance you’re lying if this Naat is not one of things you remember from the recitals during school days, and wait a minute, lying while fasting? Haram! Haram!

And of course how could Ustaad NFAK not make the list?

The legend that ruled our hearts yesterday, today and forever truly understood what spirituality means.

And last but not least, you must remember our good friend Sami Yusuf whose work brought the English Naat craze to Pakistan.

Sami Yusuf was the person who more or less introduced Naat and Hamd in English language to us and this Darood Shareef in particular captured our hearts from the first time.