For all the men that are out in the Lahore canal trying to beat the heat, there are an equal number of women sitting at home without electricity because they are not “allowed” to go anywhere. This game of “izzat” and “honour” has to be banned if women are to be treated better than livestock. Rather than teaching their children not to harass women, and respect them in public, parent fore their girls to give up on any dream and ambitions. This is sheer laziness on their part and in general Pakistani parents should be shamed. We have a generation on boys that are rude to women, unless they are their mother or sister, and a generation of girls that are brainwashed into thinking that they are the property of their men, and were made to be compromised. That is not the natural order, no mater how many clerics shout out blue in the face that this is how its supposed to be.


Lahore, June 12.