We have evidence of a unraveling civil society in Pakistan. Stories of rape, poisoning of scores of people by eating sweetmeat laced with poison. Murder of children, young girls drowning in open sewers as also emergence of Choutu Gang needing army to control such groups are severe signs of societal decay. Rulers are buisy minting money in the name of their wards while there is scarce attention to improvement of society. It requires momentous change in the wayward ways of society. 

What good are motorways and orange trains if quality of human beings is not improved. The abject failure of rulers in improving human values has resulted in downgrading of human to sub-human levels with a race to expect dishonest money is the net result of ultimate degradation of society. There is a mad race for minting money by means fair or foul. Crimes of hitherto unknown like sexual abuse of children are new norms of our brute society. There ought to be a new ministry of societal improvement to pull people out of morass of ignorance, bigotry and love of money. The rulers are buisy in collecting wealth with an aim to rob the poor and get filthy rich while people are not having too square surls in a day. 


Lahore, April 29.