It is encouraging that F.I.A. is very proficient to investigate about 1000 firms laundering money over Rs. 22.7 billion through 8103 different transactions. Similarly, FIA discovered the records of flight of Rs.103 Billion which enforced our nation to bow before IMF to borrow. How and why our government preferred to go to IMF rather than to catch the culprits behind these transactions. 

There are 22000 Pakistani nationals who have assets, properties in Foreign Countries particularly U.A.E., U.K., Canada, etc. The world’s biggest economy; America introduced a law called FACTA which enforce all U.S. citizens to declare their earning made through out the world in tax return in the United States. 

Our government should introduce such initiatives that accounts for income earned throughout the world should be declared in tax returns in Pakistan and FIA help be sought. Although laws are passed by the National Assembly called the Benami Accounts, but so far no Benami accounts are recovered as banks help such Benami account holders so FIA help be sought. 


Lahore, June 3.