There are reports that suggest that Trump’s administration is considering hardening its approach towards Pakistan. The reason is the growing insurgency and instability in Afghanistan, which America holds Pakistan accountable for. They expect Pakistan to crackdown on insurgents operating in Pakistan, planning to launch attacks in Afghanistan.

This highlights the classic American case of neglecting and ignoring the already existing security lapse in Afghanistan and the failure of the government to control the situation.

America cannot overlook its responsibility towards the entire region and cannot focus on just one particular region. Pakistan is equally a victim of terrorism. There is a growing influx of Afghan terrorists coming into Pakistan. Despite all these glitches, Pakistan always accommodates her neighbour and keeps its border open to push the idea that the solution lies in working together.

There are talks of expanding drone strikes and withholding aid to Pakistan – both policies that have backfired in the past. Such stringent measures will only aggravate the situation further. Pakistan army is actually taking action against the militants, unlike the Afghans. Expanding drone strikes will only challenge the sovereignty of the country and will not be accepted by Pakistan. The Chief of Army Staff, General Qamar Bajwa, has already made this bit clear. What the Americans can actually do is to increase aid to help counter-terrorism and get its house in order in Afghanistan, which is a sovereign state and in charge of its own security. Afghanistan is not our problem, or our responsibility, and frankly, Pakistan has been punished enough for the Afghanistan’s constant collapse since the 1980s.

At the same time, it must also be considered that this policy is not new. In 2009, a special office of the US envoy to Af-Pak region was established under the Obama Administration. The aim was to stabilise Afghanistan through this measure. However the idea behind it was, proposed by Richard Holbrooke, that the way to Afghan stability lies in Pakistan’s instability. What they are forgetting is that this mess in the region is their fault, and the way ahead lies in cooperation with everyone. Continuous deployment of American troops in Afghanistan is a proof of failure of American policies.

Adam Stump, Pentagon Spokesperson, has also acknowledged Pakistan’s help in national security issues. If that is the case, an assertive approach towards Pakistan is not the best solution. Siding with India and ignoring Pakistan on International Summits will not lead to greater cooperation between the states.

America should also be aware of the fact that one of the reasons of instability in the region is Indo-Pak rivalry. That needs to be addressed before everything else. Trump should not make the same mistake as the Obama administration. Pakistan has already been side-lined enough and will not be forced to play the scapegoat.