Mr Shahid Javed Bukhari writes in the 9th annual Report of 2016 of the Institute of Public Policy that in the year 2015-16 the share of Livestock which was already 52 percent in 2005-6 rose to 59 percent in 2015-16 within the Livestock sector the rise in milk and poultry production has been the major source of growth. Similarly, in other crops including fruits, vegetables and oil seeds Pakistan exports of fruits and vegetables amounted to Rs. 2330 million in 2014-15 while imports of fruits and vegetables was Rs. 4622 million incurring a net deficit of $ 2312 million. In addition, edible oil imports have grown enormously over time as imports of animal, vegetables fats and oil products averaged over $ 2 billion over the last three years. This has shown a dismal trend. 


Lahore, June 2.